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Clients Data Import

Do you want to import and update all your clients easily from your Excel file into PlanningPME?

Save time in client management by importing all your clients data in our planning tool PlanningPME.

You can import your clients from any Excel file into PlanningPME via the menu File -> Import -> Clients.

The Excel file should look like the one below:


Make sure one line represents one client.

Then, save your Excel file as a text file with Tab delimited:


Then, go to the menu File -> Import Clients and select your Txt file with the arrow at the top of the window.

Then, associate the different fields.


Click on the button "Import".

All your clients will then be imported on the menu Data -> Client of PlanningPME.


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From excel to PlanningPME

Most of our customers use Excel planning to organize their activity. Excel is easy to use but has limits when you have a lot of things to schedule so that you loose the clear overview of your activity! It is time for you for change and use an other powerful tool : PlanningPME.


Take avantage of  PlaningPME in order to :

  • acurate the global view of your business 
  • share the information on your network
  • manage the activity of your human and material resources
  • manage the days off of your co workers
  • create several schedules at the same time


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Tip of the Week Excel Reports

Do you want to make and update reports
to track the time of your employees easily?

A powerful feature of our planning software PlanningPME is the possibility to make reports via Excel Pivot Tables. 

Here is an example of reports:

All the data regarding resources, clients, projects, tasks, unavailabilities can be exported to Excel in order to have precise reports.

You can then have the number of days off for each employee, the time spent on each task, the number of days per client...

Do you know that you can save up to 10 templates in PlanningPME? Indeed, once your different templates created, you will just need to update them regularly selecting the dates in Pivot Table interface of PlanningPME.