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Why should I opt for a SQL database ?

As we keep on developing new applications for new platforms and environments, we always make sure that our applications are compatible with a SQL database.

Why do we make this choice?

In application with PlanningPME, in terms of data protection, data security, performances and compatibility, a SQL database tops all systems. This is why all our applications can be bound to a SQL Server / SQL database.

Advantages of owning a SQL database with PlanningPME :

- More than 10 planners can use the schedule at the same time. Even if you need more people to access the schedule simultaneously, PlanningPME and SQL can manage all these concurrent accesses.
- SQL processes a very large amount of data very quickly. Your database can grow bigger and bigger, the performances remain the same.
- No extra migration cost (850€) if you need to use PlanningPME Web Access or PlanningPME Mobile. All the databases we host for our customers are SQL databases.

Drawbacks of the SQL system:

- Small delay after any operation on the database : creation, deletion of a task etc... (<1s)
- Database maintenance required, and SQL knowledge required for the technicians
- The database is not accessible via a single file, but by a connection string, or a customized shortcut

However, you might already have a defined data environment within your company. This is why PlanningPME is compatible with all these database types.

Synchronize your database with PlannningPME

Synchronize your database with PlannningPME

PlanningPME has been designed to be compatible with a lot of other programs. If you have a few experience in IT, you can easily synchronize your database with PlannningPME in order to benefit from a link between the planning and your software and maybe gain in client management with PlanningPME

To do so, we put at your disposal the object model that will help you throught the synchronization.

In case you would not able to do this on your own, feel free to contact us and we will study your requirements to integrate PlanningPME with your ERP.

Location of the database in Windows Vista

Location of the database in Windows Vista

Where is my MS Access database (pp file) in Windows Vista?

PlanningPME is working on Windows vista, Windows XP and older version.

Here is how the planning will look like after this installation:

You are trying to copy your planning (PlanningPME.pp) and you can not find it? Some files are hidden in Windows Vista.

Here is the location of the database:

C:\Users\%User%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\PlanningPME

The database is on the "user" folder.