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Client creation

Client creation

Let's take a look at client creation through this short video. PlanningPME allows you to manage your clients inserting all the datas about them. You can easily manage as many clients as you want but be careful about the database you are using. Sometimes having too many clients can slow down your computer when running with a weak database. 

If this did not help you, check in our planning videos ! If you remain withiout a solution anyway, do not hesitate to give us a call, we are always happy to help.

Create new clients

Create new clients

Here is a tip for client management with PlanningPME

First of all, you need to activate an option. To do so, go to the menu "Tools -> Options" and select the tab named "Task"

Then, the following window appears: 

To add a client, go to the menu "Data -> Clients"



 The following window appears:

You created a new client as Company A. following the same process, you can add further clients by clicking on "Add".