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Task assignment

Most of the time, your resources have to carry out one task at the same time. It means that you wont be allowed to create a second task at the same time for this ressource and will have to choose another one. Furthermore, PlanningPME informs you that the resource is already busy as shown in the following picture:

But it can happen that in a company, resources have to work out more than just one task at the same time.

With PlanningPME, you have the possibility to assign several tasks to a resource.

To activate this option, go to 

Then untick 'assign only one task at the same time to one resource' in order to be allowed to create to events for this resource.

Providing that the option is untick, the resource can have more than just 1 task to carry out as shown below.



 You also have the possibility to zoom on periodical tasks to have a precise overview of recurrences.

Here are some informations and tips about task creation and modification.

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