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Database migration

What is the process to migrate your Access database ( pp file
PlanningPME) to another more powerful database such as SQL Server?

For performances reasons, you need to change your database. Indeed, MS Access (pp file) is not powerful enough for the use you have of the planning.

Here are the different steps to migrate your database once you puchased this service.

- Select the database you want to run PlanningPME on: SQL Server or My-SQL

- Install PlanningPME on the database wanted via the installation scripts on our website or we can also provide this service

- Send us your planning so that we can first test the migration

- Fix a date with our IT the day you are ready to change the database

- Send us your last updated planning (pp file) and we will send you back a back up of your planning on SQL Server or My SQL 2 hours later

- Restore the back up file

Feel free to call us : +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00 or send us an email to know more about our database migration service.


Resource profile

Visualize the weekly profile of your resources !

In PlanningPME, we did he best to make your Human Resources Management easier.

On the schedule, greyed days will correspond to non worked days.
From PlanningPME, double click on a human resource box of the left column :

 The following window appears :


You can create as many resource profile as needed.
Here is the procedure:
Click on the button « Add »
The following message appears. Press on “OK”.

Enter a name for your new profile and fill in the slots information for your employees.

  • If your employees attendances are the same one week to another, tick on « Define work capacity in function of slots ». In the example below, we created the profile of an employee who does not work on Wednesdays and the weekend and from 9 am to 5 pm the other days with a break from 12h30 to 13h30. 


  •  If your employees working hours change a week to another, tick on « Define the capacity in function of hours number». On the example below, we created the profile of an employee who works 8 hours a day without regular slots.












Then, do not forget to click on « OK » to save the new profile. 

On this example, Laura does not work on wednesday.

Display on several days: If you display the screen on "several days", the display will be more precise than on the other views because the periods not worked will appear

We created the following profile where Laura does not work on tuesday and wednesday afternoon and ends at 4pm on friday.

  • Weekly view: We can check that Laure does not work on tuesday.


  • Visualization on several days: We can see all the periods not worked and the breaks.

This view is more detailed.

Add resources

How to create human resources?

Human resources management is just easy with our planning tools.

From PlanningPME, to add your human resources, go to the menu Data -> Resource.

The following window will appear:

Then, click on the button "Add" to add new entries.

You can add all those information for each human resource.

All your resources will then appear on the planning board.

You can also modify or delete your human resources easily and also change the order on the screen.


Technician planning

Technician planning

Lots of companies like Tetra Pak, Skyguide, Agie Charmilles and also SME's already trust in the technician planning software PlanningPME. This way, we acquired experience in delivering solutions to that kind of problematic and we release it to you in this field service planning template.

With PlanningPME, you can manage many technicians together with their interventions on site and unavailabilities.

You can display your planning according to the clients to have a clear view of the activities for each one, and also acording to the different task done to hace an overview of the kind of interventions regularly planned.

It is also possible to assign equipments to your clients so that the intervention of your technician is precisely assigned to a client's machine. Note that different kind of information can be added to the equipment thanks to additional fields.

You can also check for the disponibility of your technician according to skills for a quick task assignement. 

This way, you can manage all interventions clearly and have an overview of the tasks of your technicians at anytime.


Licence management


Manage your licences PlanningPME just easily

You need to purchase one licence PlanningPME for each computer connected to the planning. Modifications will appear on real time on your planning board. No need to save anything.

Here are some articles that will help you manage better your licences:

- Registration of your licences PlanningPME via Internet or by file (if you do not have an Internet connection) with the login and Password provided by Target Skills

- Remove your licence: If you need to change the name of a computer or to change the workstation, you will first need to remove your licence

- Message You have exceeded the number of uses: What should you do if you get this message while opening PlanningPME?

- Installation of PlanningPME on different databases



Appartment rental planning

Appartment rental planning

Several of our clients use PlanningPME in their daily management of appartment rental. We put at your disposal a similar planning so that you can see how other professionnal are organizing their work with PlanningPME.

About the resources, nothing really changes compared with a classic planning. You can display the different resources according to their services/activities and differentiate them by colours.

Then, the tasks are setted up according to your needs: maintenance, fixing, cleaning...

What becomes different in our client's case is that we defined that the best way they could manage the many structures they have was to adapt the planning: there, clients slot became the appartment slot. 


This way you can have an overview of all the tasks done or to do by appartments and know who did.

If this planning templates meets your requirements, feel free to contact us for more informations. Otherwise, give us a call so that we study together what would be the right configuration for your activity.

 Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Planning templates

Planning templates

Here you can find many templates to give you as many examples as you need to find the best way to use our planning software. Check the categories hereunder to find which one suits you:

If these templates don't suit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us for a free online demo !

Creation Mode

Selection and Creation Mode

These modes have been designed to make tasks management easier.

Creation mode

This mode allows you to create tasks on the schedule drawing a rectangle or double clicking.

Selection Mode

This mode allows you to select several tasks at the same time and to move them on the scale time.

By default, you are in a creation mode. For the selection mode, right click on your mouse and choose "Selection Mode".     
You can select several tasks at the same time drawing a rectangle grouping several tasks or selecting them one by one with the touch CTRL pressed on.
Move you tasks along the scale time, dragging one of the selected tasks.
In this example, 3 tasks were moved to the next day at the same time.

If you made a mistake, you can cancel the last operation pressing the keys CTRL + Z.
You can also delete several tasks proceeding the same way or paste several tasks.

Careful: In the "Task",  "Client" or "Project" view, you can move your tasks along the time axis but not along the y-axis.
To be back to the creation mode, right click on the schedule and choose "Creation Mode".

Planning software

Discover the reference in Planning software!

 PlanningPME is a planning software that will make you gain time compared with you previous planning management. How is it possible?

 PlanningPME is a tool that has been designed for small and medium companies. Through the years and thanks to our clients' feedback, we improved the possibilities offered by the software because every company is different. What we seek is fit your needs !

 No matter your activity sector, we find the way to adapt the software to your needs and together we find the best solution.

 Our 1500 clients around the world can testify ! PlanningPME works as a resource planning software (tasks management, days-off...) as well as a business planning software (clients file, projects management, bookings...)

Download the trial planning software for free.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Lock Task

How to lock task on the planning?

You can lock your tasks by two different ways:

  • You can forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the present day;
  • Tasks can be locked one by one.

Forbid creation and modification of tasks prior to the current date
From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Tools” -> “Options…”

On the tab « General », the following window appears:

Ticking on this box, past tasks to the current date will not be allowed to be modified.
Task locking

You can fix some tasks in order no one to modify them without your agreement.
First of all, to have access to this option, you must enter the schedule with users rights.

Then, double clicking on the locked task, you will see the name of the user who locked the task. Here, David.

Only the person responsible for the locking or the administrator will be authorized to unlock the task selecting “unlock”.

Isn't tasks management easier now?

Task time

How to assign a duration to the task in hours or days?

When you affect a length to a task, PlanningPME will calculate cleverly the ending date taking into account your resources slots : slots and non working days. You can also indicate a break.
How to use task time feature?

First of all, create a task on your schedule. The “task” window then appears.

Careful! A task with a duration can only be assigned to one resource.
NB: Ticking on "All day" you can enter a length in days.
Ticking off "All day" you can enter a length in hours.

Let's see this task management feature with a practical example

We are going to assign a 4 days length task to the resource « Pedro ».

PlanningPME is going to take into account non-worked days such as Saturday and Sunday on this example. So, the task will end the 9th of August!


This function is interesting when you know the length of your task but not the ending date.

Task status

Assignment of a task status or category

For each single task created on your schedule, you can assign a category.

As an example, you can tell whether a task is important or not, if a booking is confirmed or not...
Then, you can filter the schedule to have tasks of a certain category displayed.

How to create a new category?
From PlanningPME, go to the menu "Data" -> Task category"

The “Task Category” window appears.
To add a status, type a label, then select the text and background colors and press the button  “Add”.
You can also select hatching for the category.

task status

NB: Each task created on the planning will be by default of the first category of the list.  For example, “Not Confirmed” in the example below.

If you have added some hatchings to your category, you will see them directly on the planning:
Here, you have a double information: The yellow color is the color selected for the label “training” and the green horizontal lines represent the category of this task.


How to assign a category to a task?

Just select it from the drop down list chile creating a task:


How to filter the planning underlining the task status?

You have a filter at the right top side of the planning board:


How to have the colors displayed on the schedule with this category?

You can display tasks in function of the color of the category on the screen from the menu "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Task".


The color of the task will then be the color of the category of the task.


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Recurring task

How to create a recurring task on your planning?

Some tasks have to be done in a recurrent way. To avoid creating it several times, we implemented a recurrence function. The function “Recurrence” will help you in your tasks management as monthly meetings, yearly appointments…This is another possibility that makes this software so user-friendly.

When creating a task, in the window “Task”, click on the button “Recurrence”.

The following window appears:


 And here is the visualization on the schedule:

You can delete an occurrence of a periodical task or delete all the series. To do so, select the task and right click on the mouse.
Then, click on « Delete ».

If you want, you can get off a task from its series either to:
- Move it 
- Activate a reminder only on this task...

You can extract several tasks from the recurrence: it is useful when a person is off. To do so, click right on the resource and select "Get off the recurrence". Select the period during which you want to get off the tasks from the recurrence.

Careful: The period of time displayed on the screen must include the period during which the resource is off.

Tasks are then independent and you can reassign them to other resources.

If not done yet, download the trial version of planning PME and try it for free.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Task allocation

How to allocate tasks to the correct resource?

You can assign a task to one or several resources at a glance! Task allocation is just easy within PlanningPME.
From PlanningPME, create a task on the schedule.
On the « Task » window, select the tab « Resources » or tick on the box “Several" resources.  The following window appears.

Point 1 : Filter resources by department
You will then have the list of your filtered resources on the left side of your screen.

Point 2 : Display only available resources
Selecting this box, you will avoid a double-booking. You can only select available resources on the period chosen while creating the task.

Point 3 : Display only resources under contract of employment
This is another filter.

So, you can assign task to one or more resources easily.

Learn more about tasks management within PlanningPME.

Task list

How to define a task list and have a drop down list

while creating a task?

While creating a task on the planning, you can either type it or select it from a list as shown below.

Task list

How to have a predefined list of tasks?

From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Data” -> “Task”. The windows below appears.

From here, you can find all the labels already created. You can add new labels, delete some and really customize fully the scheduling software PlanningPME with your own words.

Then, you have several options available to customize your tasks.
-    Change the text and background colors
-    Assign skills:  "Skills" button
-    Assign hours: "Hours"

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Task setting

Let's see how to create a task on the schedule !

First of all, there are three ways to create a task:

  • by double clicking on the planning board;
  • by drawing a rectangle on the schedule;
  • by right clicking on a blank space of the planning board and selecting "New Task".

This is what you should see displayed on your screen:


From this task setting window, you can decide which task you want to assign to and the related resources (several can be associated with the task if necessary).Choose also the beginning and ending hours for the task...or add a recurrence to the task so that your resource accomplishes it every given day/week/month.

Then, you can move the task on the schedule with a simple "drag and drop" operation.

Other tasks functions will be explained in further posts for an easier task management.

In the meantime, download the trial version of planning PME and try it for free.

Do not hesitate and ask for an online demo.

Tasks management

Tasks management within our scheduling software

A task can be a booking, a training, an installation or any mission you need to assign to your employees. They are represented by a coloured box on the planning board. You can create as many tasks as needed and really customize the planning with your own data and jobs specific to your activity.

Find out more below about the features you will benefit from our planning software PlanningPME:

- Task setting: How to create a task on the schedule?

- Recurring task: How to create a recurring task?

- Task list: How to define a list of tasks and have a drop down list while creating a task?

- Task allocation: How to create a task for one or more available resources?

- Task status: Assign some status or categories to your tasks and filter the planning underlining this parameter.

- Task time: Assign a duration or a time slot to your tasks in order to save time while creating your schedule

- Lock task: How to lock a task on the planning?

- Creation Mode: How to switch from the creation mode to the selection mode?

- Task Tracking: How to track the tasks knowing who created or modified it?

Garage planning


Software for garage planning

Manage your technicians, your maintenance tasks, your cars rentals with an accurate garage planning software.

Many clients such as Mercedes or BMW car dealers already use PlanningPME to manage their garage.

Have a look at our garage planning example below:

- Human and material resources view ( Cars and technicians)

- Clients view

And have access to those features:

- Assign several jobs to a technician on the same day
- Control your car rentals
- Avoid double booking
- Book your appointment
- Create reports and statistics

Try our garage planning example today! How?

1- Download the trial version of PlanningPME

2- Download the garage schedule example

Cleaning schedule

It is always a tough work to create a planning to manage the cleaning activity of all your employees.

Manage recurrent jobs, holidays, illness, part-time and all non expected events of your employees current life is never an easy task.

Change your complex and boring Excel planning and choose an easy-to-use planning software.

Have a look at our cleaning planning example below:

cleaning schedule

And have access to those features:

- Manage your employees tasks
- Plan their daily jobs
- Create specific contracts
- Manage recurring bookings
- Avoid double booking

Try our cleaning planning example today! How?

1- Download the trial version of PlanningPME

2- Download the cleaning schedule example

Company planning

Because managing a company represents a huge workload, PlanningPME will become the best planning business tool you ever had.

 With this powerful tool, you will be able to plan your activities either according to resources and tasks or customers, projects... PlanningPME is a very complete planning software as it allows different types of overviews and lots of functions such as reports, statistics, users rights... Wether you want to see your employees' organisation on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or according to the departments, the project teams, the urgent tasks, PlanningPME will suit your requirements. Both human and material resources can be managed together or separately.

 The edition of precise statistics related to days-off, sicknesses, billing, workload enables you to have a clear view about how things are going in your company.

 Now, with our complementary tool PlanningPME WebAccess, you can even share and publish the planning of all your employees on HTML pages for visualisation.

Company planning gets easier

 You save time, you gain serenity! 

Download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.