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Team Management

Team Management

PlanningPME is a software that has been designed to help managers to run their team efficiently and share the planning informations with everybody. In PlanningPME, you can decide to link your employees together so that when you assign a task to one of them, the task appears to be done by everyone. A good human resources management solution, isn't it?

Let's have an example:

By clicking on Data --> Team, the following window appears

To add a new team, click on Add. The following window enables tou to name the new team and add the resources you want.

So create and organize your teams as you wish and there is the result. If you assign a task to Mike (who is part of team 1), the task will automatically be assigned to the other members of the team.It enables you not to create the same task several times.

Note that you can separate the task of a resource, which means that this specific task won't be linked to the others and that you will be able to move the task independently from the other. You can also delete the task independently.

Team management

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Business Planning Software

Business Planning Software

PlanningPME is made for those who want to run their business efficiently without worrying about planning activities. And the kind of activities you are involved in doesn't matter, it is the software that adapts itself. The must-have planning software !

You can manage your human and material resources easily with a pleasant graphic interface.

planning business

You can also manage your activity by client and see clearly what is being done at any moment for any customer.

 business planning

You can even manage your activity by project if needed, this way you have a clear and precise overview of the process.

Discover more functionalities: statistic edtion, share on network, HTML diffusion, outlook synchronisation...and more...

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Resource planner

Resource planner

You have so many resources that your planning is not understandable anymore? Organizing your activities became a nightmare? Your Excel planning doesn't fit anymore?

Keep cool ! PlanningPME is here !

PlanningPME is the must-have resource planning software. It is a tool that has been designed for small and medium companies. Through the years and thanks to our clients' feedback, we improved the functionalities offered by the software because your comapny is not like the others.

Here is the result of our growing experience:


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Resource planning software

Resource planning software

PlanningPME is the planning software designed for small and medium companies. It allows any companies to plan their resources as they want and in the most efficient way.

Here is an overview of the way it looks like:


This way, your business is clearer and you gain in productivity. Why wouldn't you test our resource planner ?

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Planning Software Free

Planning Software Free

PlanningPME is a professional planning software designed for business planning, follow up of activities and resources. This software is used daily by more than 2,000 companies all over the world.


You can download the trial version and test it for free for 30 days. Thus, make your own opinion andshare it with us. Remember that we can develop all the functionalities that you would desire. Just give us a call !

Try it, it's free !!


Plug in creation

Steps to create your plugin

Now that you know why having a plug in in PlanningPME, here are the technical steps to follow.

1 – Register the PlanningPME.dll
C:\windows\system32\regsvr32.dll PlanningPME.dll

2 – Create the plugin with Visual Basic
Choose the name of your object : here : Project1

plug in project

Choose the name of your class
Here : Projet1.plugin

plug in class

Register the dll PlanningPME in your project

plug in register

Insert your code
Const BN_CLICKED = 0
Const WM_COMMAND = 273

Option Explicit

Implements PlanningPMEPlugin

Private Sub PlanningPMEPlugin_InitializeControls(ByVal Controls As PlanningPMEControls)

    Dim Control As PlanningPMEControl
    Set Control = New PlanningPMEControl
    Control.Caption = "My Button update Task"
    Control.ID = 5000
    Control.x = 350
    Control.y = 50
    Control.Height = 20
    Control.Width = 150
    Control.Type = PpControlPushButton
    Control.When = PpWhenUpdate
    Control.Destination = PpDestinationDoTask
    Controls.Add Control
End Sub

Private Sub PlanningPMEPlugin_OnEvent(ByVal Context As PlanningPMEContext)
    If Context.Context = PpContextMessage Then
        If Context.Loword = 5000 And Context.message = WM_COMMAND And Context.Hiword = BN_CLICKED Then
            MsgBox "BN_CLICKED task Key = " & Context.Key
        End If
    End If
    If Context.Context = PpContextTrigger Then
        If Context.When = PpWhenInsert Then
            MsgBox "Trigger Insert task Key = " & Context.Key
        End If
        If Context.When = PpWhenUpdate Then
            MsgBox "Trigger Update task Key = " & Context.Key
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Compile your project
3 – Register your plugin
C:\windows\system32\regsvr32.dll plugin.dll
4 – Indicate in the PlanningPME register database (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) the name of your plugin

Name : Plugin and Value : Projet1.plugin

5 – Launch PlanningPME
A new button in the task window will appear

plug in button

Human resource department

Human resource department

Human resources management is complicated enought to be one of the most important matter in near every companies. That's why the persons who carry out these tasks need and deserve a powerful and adaptable tool to help them.

PlanningPME has been designed for this. It enables a clear overview of the employees allocation together with precise statistics about their days-off and absences. You can manage your resources by skills and assign tasks to them

Here is the global view on your planning board:

Here are the general basic statistics you can ask for:

You can edit precise reports easily thanks to Excel pivot tables and organize it the way you want to. It is very professional and useful. This is what it looks like:

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Software plug in

PlanningPME allows you to create a plugin

Why a plug-in?

- In order to insert controls (button) in the PlanningPME interface and associate actions

- In order to make automatic actions for example add a task 


Who is able to make a  plug-in PlanningPME ?

- A developer expert in Visual Basic or Visual C++ or C#

Plug-in example:


Next more technical Post: How to create a plug-in in PlanningPME?

Update PlanningPMEHTML

How to update your visualisation planning tool PlanningPMEHTML ?

To update PlanningPMEHTML, here are the different steps:

- Rename the file PlanningPMEHTML.exe you are currently using with a name like: PLanningPMEHTML.old

- Download the file PlanningPMEHTML.exe from our website (If you are under support, you will receive an emailing informing you about a new version available on our ftp)

- Save this file on the same location as your file PlanningPMEHTML.old

Your update is now OK.

If you created a scheduled task, your HTML pages will be updated automatically as before.

Fair Organisation Planning

Fair Organisation Planning

PlanningPME counts among its users some fair organizers. As you will see through this planning template, PlanningPME meets particularly well the requirements of that kind of opportunities.

Fair organisation needs a special rigour because it is a long and complicated task to handle. The best advantage the fair organisers can take from PlanningPME is the clearness of its interface and of the informations displayed. PlanningPME allows to handle many employees and display them by departments/service. Then, you can create as many tasks as you want and display your work by tasks for a better follow up. It is even possible to display your planning by project so that you do not feel lost when working on a particular fair. 

Everything is designed so that the informations displayed are clear and precise. Then you are free to custom the planning to feel at ease when using it. To have a better understanding, take a look at this example:

Here is the main view, the resource view where you can see all your resources and the tasks assigned to them.


 Here is the task view that tells you the state of the ctivities sorted by tasks. It offers another point of view on the work on progress.


But you can also choose to see the activity by projects or by clients or whatever you want since PlanningPME provides a lot of different filters and even allows you to create yours. 

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Public administration planning

Public administration planning

Since its creation, PlanningPME has a special link with local public administrations. Everywhere, public administrations have to deal with a huge attendance either at the counters nor with the advisors. So it is crucial to organize all these people the best way possible. PlanningPME is a software that can adapt itself to perfectly fit your needs and the particularity of your activty.

  • You want to manage your resources for an outstanding service at counters?

 PlanningPME allows you to link a human resource  with a material one. So you have a precise view of what your people are doing and which counters are occupied or not. This way, there are no double booking. Furthermore, the skill management function allows you to put the right person at the right place.


  • You want to manage your resources for better appointments management?

You have many advisors to manage and a few time to give to your clients/users. PlanningPME allows you to book your advisors appointments by both you secreatry and the advisor himself. This way, the secretary can assign appointments to the advisor while himself can manage its time by using the planning at the same time. So, your people gain time and avoid double booking. 

Here is the best solution ever for all types of administration. It's proven! 

If this brief planning template example gave you some ideas, download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.

Transport Planning

Transport Planning

Among our clients, we can count many transport companies that use PlanningPME to manage the drivers' timetable. The major improvement PlanningPME brings compared with other planning softwares is that you can couple drivers and trucks. This way, you always know where the driver are and which truck/bus he is using.

transport planning

 As you can add additional fields, you can manage your vehicles' lifetime, repairings...

Even recurring tasks are supported.

Does this planning templates correspond to what you are looking for?

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Medical planning

Medical planning

Here is a planning template made according a client's planning. PlanningPME is used by many health companies as doctor/physician practices, hospitals, retirement homes...

The common points of these activities is that it is crucial not to run out of personel. Thus, presence and days off management is an important matter to deal with and PlanningPME is here to help. But even material resources can be treated.

For example, this hospital decided to use PlanningPME exclusively to manage the bedrooms booking. Patients occupation is reported on the planning board and several indications can be dispayed according to the needs: the specialist in charge, the length of the treatment, special observations...

Together with this room planning, our client created another planning to manage the hospital staff. This one is dedicated to the days off, holidays and absences.


If this brief example gave you some ideas, download the trial version of PlanningPME today.

Do not hesitate to ask for an online demo.


Education planning

Education planning

Training sector is a rising activity. As it grows, it becomes more and more complicated to manage. PlanningPME is the solution chosen by many education centers to plan efficiently the human resources, the rooms and the material. 

Here on the following picture, you can see how our client decided to manage its company. Both rooms and teachers are displayed at the same time on the planning board. Lessons are always linked to a room so that double booking is impossible. It is possible to add special material as books, paperboard, projectors...

A different view allows you to see your different classes in order to know precisely which lessons took place for them, if a course has been cancelled...


It can interesting to assign skills to your teachers so that an englisk lesson can't be assigned to a psychology teacher. To do this you just need to create a new skill by clicking on Data --> Skill and right click on Add Skill. Then assign it to a human resource. If you assign a task to a teacher that doesn't have the skill. This message appears:


In that case, the software enables you to sort your teachers by skills that you look for by clicking on Edit --> Availability.

Do you think Planning template is made for you?

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Software Version

What is your version of PlanningPME?

If you need our support service, most of the time, we will ask you the version of PlanningPME you have.

So, to inform our team of your version, go to the menu ? -> About PlanningPME.

Then, you will have this window displayed:

From here, you have access to:

- your version type: comercialized or trial version

- your version of PlanningPME: in this example

- the name of your computer: ts-caroline in this example

Please, send us those information for any support request.

Production planning

Production planning

As many of our clients currently do, you can manage your manufacturing site with PlanningPME. Let's take a look to how they do.

On this picture you can see the organization of the human ressources (61) according to their skills in teams that correspond to the steps of production (research department, machining, boiler works...)

Returning to a more precise view, each task of the employees are clearly displayed.


Then, they listed all the tasks possible for this result. The aim is to be able to see what has to be done, for which client and share it with the rest of the team. This way, everyone can be aware of the production process.


You can also organize your production according to projects. Whatever the way you want to proceed, PlanningPME will fit your needs.

Does this planning template meet your requirements?

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Security Planning

Security Planning

Here is an example of a security company planning. It aims to show the way PlanningPME can be used in that kind of activity. Many security companies already use PlanningPME.

First of all, the software can adapt itself to the particularity of your activity. As an example, you can create/modify the different time slots to fit the special working hours of your employees. Special costs can be assigned according to working hours. You can do this by clicking on Tools --> Options --> Timetables

Now that the timetable is done, you can assign missions to your employees. You can see on the following picture that the view is clean thank to color differentiation.

You can also check your activities by clients. To this purpose, there is a special view named "client view" which shows the different tasks by clients on a planning. This way you have a precise view of the activities fulfilled for each client and even edit statistics for a better understanding.


Comments can even be done to precise special events or conditions about the task. Newly released feature allows you to send planning updates by e-mail to your team in real time.

Is this planning template correspond to your company?

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Time tracking

Track the time of your employees easily thanks to statistics!

You can know at any time the number of hours or days spent each day, week or month.


You have some statistics functions in PlanningPME in order to track time of your employees.

Go to the menu Tools -> Statistics:

Then Select the different options and press the button "Statistics":

On the example above, John worked 11 hours 1/2 on June and is busy 11% of his time.

You can then copy and paste the results on a spreadsheet or export them to a HTML page or print them.

Know more about human resources management within the planning software PlanningPME.


Workload scheduling

Follow the workload scheduling at any time within PlanningPME and improve your project planning


Directly in the planning board!

Indeed, you can know at any time the workload of your resources or of a whole team.

Place your mouse on the resource and check the information on the yellow pop up:

workload scheduling

TIP: At the bottom right corner of the planning board, you have the total workload for all the resources displayed on the screen on the time period selected:

workload team


Employee agreement

Create Job contracts for your employees: full time, part time...

Here is the way to create employee agreement:

Go to the tab "Slots" in the resource card.

The following window appears.

For each resource, you can create a specific contract.

On the schedule, the non working periods appear in grey. Ex : Jean began working on the 2nd of May.


Isn't Human resources management easier now?