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Message You have exceeded the number of uses

 Message You have exceeded the number of uses



If you receive this error message, there are three possibilities:

1- You are on not a client yet and your trial version has expired. Contact us and we will extend your trial period.

2- You are a client and your licences are not paid yet. In that case, contact us and we will extend your number of uses until your licences are paid.

3- You are a client and you forgot to do the registration via Internet the second time. In that case, you just need to go to File -> Registration via Internet.


You will then get the message telling that the licence has been registered. Then, close PlanningPME and open it again. It should solve your problem.


To know more about licences management....

How to remove a licence on a computer and install it on another computer?

Link your tasks easily

How to create a link between your tasks?

While making your office project management, you sometimes need to link your tasks within the software.

To link tasks, two possibilities

-> 1st possibility - Go to the first task and right click, select Link…



Then, go to the second task and select …to





->2nd possibility - Select the link icon at the top of the planning:


Then, click on the first task and then on the second task




Define a delay between the tasks

You can also precise a delay between two tasks clicking on the arrow directly



Then, while shifting the first task, the successive linked tasks will be shifted as well according to this delay:



Video on this subject:


How can I assign several tasks at the same time to a resource

In PlanningPME, if you try to create 2 tasks at the same time to a resource, you get the following message :

If you need to assign several tasks at the same time to an employee you can activate an option to assign several tasks at the same time. To do so, go to the menu Tools -> Options and untick the option "assign only one task at the same time to one resource" as shown on the picture below:

For more information, have a look at the documentation


Manage several databases with PlanningPME


A simple setting of your shortcut PlanningPME will allow you to:
- Manage several schedules installed on different databases
- Pre-define the display with the different filters while opening the planning

1/ Manage several schedules on different databases
Right click on your shortcut of PlanningPME and select “Properties”.
Then, go to the tab “Shortcut” and specify on the field “Target” the database you would like to connect to
The syntax is the same for each database:
The indent [-] or [/] begins each command.
You can not use spaces. They must be replaced by %20
Details of the commands to launch a given database:
- base=[Connexion string]
- schema=[schema of the Oracle database]
- us=[0|1] Put 1 for a database in english
 - fr=[0|1] Put 1 for a database in French
 - oledb=[0|1] Put 1 for a database SQL Server, MySQl or Oracle

Illustration with some examples:

1.1              MS Access

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" C:\Program%20Files\Target%20Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.pp

1.2              Sql Server 

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=[name of the server];Database=[name of the database];Uid=[user Sql];Pwd=[password user sql] -oledb=1


"P:\Informatique\Versions\Béta V4.0.2.0\PlanningPME_REF\Vente\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=sqloledb;Data%20Source=srv-sgbd;Initial%20Catalog=test10;User%20Id=ppme;Password=planning -oledb=1

srv-sgbd           =          Name of the server
test10               =          Name of the database
ppme                =          User SQL
planning            =          Password of the user SQL

1.3              My Sql

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" -base=Provider=MSDASQL;DRIVER={MySQL%20ODBC%203.51%20Driver};Server=[name of the server or IP Address];Port=3306;Option=16384;Stmt=;Database=[name of the database];Uid=[user my sql];Pwd=[Password user my sql] -oledb=1

1.4              Oracle

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe" /base=Driver={Oracle%20dans%20OraHome92};DBQ=[name of the database]];UID=[name of the user];PWD=[user password]/oledb=1 /schema=[name of the scheme.] /us=1

2/ Pre-define the display of the planning

You can select some filters of the planning directly.Here are some commands:

-date=[date while opening the planning]
-planning=[type of planning]

For example, this example below will diplays the planning on the 01/01/2009 for the department « Administration » in a monthly view and the resource view.

"C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.exe"
/date=1/1/2009 /filter=Administration/planning=Monthly

Zoom on periodical tasks

  Save time creating periodical tasks. The function “Recurrence” will help you manage task assignement monthly meeting, yearly appointments…

1. Creation of periodical tasks

When creating a task, in the window “Task”, click on the button “Recurrence”.

 Then, the following window appears:

You can select to create a weekly task, monthly...

On the planning board, the symbol will show you that a task is periodical:

2. Get tasks off the recurrence

You will first need to take the task off the recurrence before modifying it. You have two choices:

- Modification one by one with a right click on the task


- Modification of several tasks with a right click on the resource

3. Modification of periodical tasks

You can then modify the tasks and assign them to other resources or delete them. 

How can I print the schedule of only one resource?

With PlanningPME, you can print the schedule of your resources via the menu file -> print selecting "operational schedule per resource".


You will get the planning of ALL your resources printed.

 If you only want to print the schedule of ONE resource , from the general schedule, go with your mouse on the selected resource and hide click. Then select "print" as shown below:



Only the schedule of this resource will be printed!

To Know more about this functionality see the documentation

Fill in an additional fields of the type Choice with existing data

Fill in an additional fields of the type Choice with existing data

In PlanningPME, you have the possibility to add additional fields of the type Choice in the Tasks, Clients, Projects and Resources windows.


PlanningPME put at your disposal a field of the type "Choice" that appears as a combo box. The list of values can be filled in PlanningPME in the box "Values" or it can be fed by a script while opening PlanningPME.

Here is an example:

'Register PlanningPME.dll before -> c:\windows\system32\regsvr32 PlanningPME.dll

Set ppme = CreateObject("PlanningPME.Application")
ppme.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.pp"

set dfs = ppme.GetDataFields(84) ' PpTask1

for i=0 to dfs.Count()

   if dts.Item(i).Field = "MYCHOICE" then

      dts.Item(i).Data = "Item1" & vbCrLf  & "Item2" & vbCrLf  & "Item3"

   end if

next i 

You just need to register this script with the extension .vbs and put it in the settings while launching PlanningPME (Menu Tools -> Options -> Integration) as shown below:


If you want to feed the values from an external database, you can open your own connexion and to browse the elements to add them...or just ask us for an integration.

Remove the licence and activate it on another workstation

Remove the licence and activate it on another workstation

Before uninstalling PlanningPME from any workstation, it is mandatory to delete the software licence, in order to be able to re-use it on another computer.

1 - Delete the PlanningPME licence of an existing computer still active

You can delete the licence on your own. Open PlanningPME and go to the menu File -> Delete the licence. 


The name of your computer will then be removed from the list of registered computers we have for your company.

You can now register your licence again on a new computer.


2 - Delete the licence of a non active workstation

If your workstation is out of order and you cannot access to PlanningPME to delete the licence, you may want to temporarily rename the new computer so that its name matches exactly the name of the unavailable computer (Here in our example: TS-LAETITIA. See Chapter I). To change the name of your new workstation, you just need to "Start" the Windows® menu, select "Control Panel" then "System" then the tab "Computer Name" and click on "Change"

Once your workstation has got a new name, you can open PlanningPME, go to the menu File -> Delete the licence. 

When the licence is successfully deleted, you can change the name of your computer back to the previous one, and register your version of PlanningPME using File ->Registration via Internet

Registration of the licences PlanningPME

Registration of the licences PlanningPME

Once the installation done, you must register PlanningPME on each workstation. It is mandatory to register the software licences on each workstation with the same login and password. The registration of the licences requires two steps:

Step 1: Pre recording of the software

1- Open PlanningPME

2- Go to the Menu File -> Identification 














 3- Enter your login and your password. (The login and the password are the same for all your licences)and press "OK










4- Then, go to the menu File -> Registration via Internet 













5- You have the message: The licence has been pre-registered. You are then limited to 200 uses. 

 Step2: Final registration of your licences

At the receipt of your payment, we will send you an e-mail to give you unlimited access to PlanningPME. From each workstation, you will just need to go to "File" -> "Registration via Internet" once again to register your licence definitely. You will get the message: The licence has been registered.



You now have unlimited access to your planning. Licences are a one time fee. Only the support contract is a yearly cost.


Other articles to read on licences management:
Remove your licence and register it on another computer
You have exceeded the number of uses

Create departments

You have the possibility to create departments, e.g. marketing department, account department, sales department…From your general schedule, you can filter the schedule of only one department for a better visualization.

To create departments, go to the menu Data -> Department. 


The following window appears :


Then click on "add" to enter the names of your departments and select directly from this window the resources belonging to this department 

Then to filter your schedule, select the department you want to appear on the screen :

Only the resources belonging to the sales department appear on the screen!

Now you will have a better understanding of your department planning !

Customization in PlanningPME

You can customize the labels of the tasks,  project, client, resource and department depending on your activity: a task can be for example a mission, a training...To do so, go to the menu Tools-> Language.


 The changes made will be transfered in the menu "Data" , in the filters and in the task window as shown in the example below:

Ask for a demo online on PlanningPME

Do you want to have a customized web demo on PlanningPME?

Our consultants are at your disposal. Advantages:

- save time

- optimize your planning 

We are using the remote control software Inquiero. Here is the procedure:

InQuiero is an advanced communication technology which facilitates an immediate connection between your PC and the PC of one of our consultants, in order to provide remote technical assistance. 

How can I get assistance online? 

From PlanningPME, go to the menu “?” -> “Help online”.

The following Windows appears: 


Add the “code de session”  (Session code) that we provide. Click on "Accepter" (Accept)

The following window shows that the connexion is being done:

Then, this window appears:

Click on "Accepter" (Accept)

You may have to download and activate a component “Active X” that will alow us to visualize your screen.

This Windows shows that the connexion is done. You can cancel it at any moment clicking on “Annulation”.

Fast label recording in PlanningPME Web Access

How to add tasks rapidly in PlanningPME Web Access?

  You would like to have a drop down list in PlanningPME Web Access while entering your tasks like in the picture below?

   instead of 

 Then, you need to create some groups and users in PlanningPME Web Access. To do so, first, go to the menu Parameters -> Groups. 

Then, create your group and do not select "Free Label Writing".


Create your users and assign them to this group.  When connecting to your session PlanningPME Web Access, you will have a drop down list for your tasks.

Import clients via VB scripts

Do you want to import and update all your clients easily without having to enter all clients manually in PlanningPME?

This post is dedicated to our partners. In order to download the scripts, please contact your Target Skills contact to have the keys.

Save time imported all your clients data in PlanningPME clients card :


You can synchronise your clients from any clients database to PlanningPME via Visual Basic scripts.

Here is an example of cliets data you can import from a MS Access databse to PlanningPME:

It can also be an Excel file like this one below:


Interested in knowing more? Contact us and we will provide more information.

Customized mission sheet to print a task

Customized mission sheet to print a task

How to create a mission sheet?

1- Create the model of the mission sheet on a Word document.
We are going to use the following document : « Model mission sheet.doc"

2- From PlanningPME, go to the menu “Tools” -> “Options” -> « Advanced »
Select the model with the arrow:
3- Then, go back to the planning.
Select a task, right click on the mouse and select the mission sheet :
The following message appears : "Requested Object Not available"
  Press « OK ».

4- Set up of the merging
Open your Word model and go to the menu « Tools » -> « Mail Merge».

4.1 – Main document
Select « Form Letters ».

Select « Active Window »
Then, select your Word model.

4.2 – Data source
Select Open Data Source and  « Fiche.txt » in your  C: drive
Then, select « # » as a record delimiter.

5- Insert Merge Fields
You can now insert fields of PlanningPME in your document.

Select your fields in the list.
You now have created your mission sheet.


6- Create a mission sheet
Go back to the planning. Click right on a task and select the Word model.
Fields are synchronized from PlanningPME to your Word model.

Example :


You can save it or print it.

7- Print several mission sheets in a row
You can print a serie of mission sheets in a row. First, display the period of time you want to print (one day, one week…)
Put your mouse on one of the resource and right click. Select your model.

The mission sheets of the resource selected on the period displayed are printed directly.

8- Change the path of the txt file
If you have the message "Word could not open fiche.txt because it didn't contain a valid database", then, you need to change the Path of the text file fiche.txt. To do so, download this file and execute it. It will create
a string value Drive in the registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Target Skills\PlanningPME] . You can change the path specifying a letter.

9- Word 2003 and Word 2007

Word 2003 and Word 2007 have security levels that we must lower in order to export data from PlanningPME to Word.

Related post:  integration

PlanningPME - Installation database Access

PlanningPME - Installation database Access

1) Choose the server

- Create a PlanningPME folder on the server
- Share this folder in reading and writing
- Copy the file PlanningPME.pp on this folder

2) Installation of the software: 2 choices
1st choice: Install PlanningPME on the server and create a shortcut of the file PlanningPME.exe on each computer.
2nd choice: Install PlanningPME on each computer.
Installing PlanningPME according to the first choice, installing the future updates will be much easier.

3) Indicate the location of the database on each computer

Go to the menu File -> Location and precise the location of the database PlanningPME.pp

For reasons of performances, we advise you to map a network drive on the network path of the server and to precise this drive on the location of the database instead of the entire network path.
Example : the network path \\Server\PlanningPME is affected with letter P:


4) Validate the locks

Go to the directory "Tools" -> "Options" and select the tab "network".
Selecting the box "Network the program and control task modification by blocking simultaneous use", you can lock a task while using it in order no one to modify it.

Is your installation done?

Tip of the Week Excel Reports

Do you want to make and update reports
to track the time of your employees easily?

A powerful feature of our planning software PlanningPME is the possibility to make reports via Excel Pivot Tables. 

Here is an example of reports:

All the data regarding resources, clients, projects, tasks, unavailabilities can be exported to Excel in order to have precise reports.

You can then have the number of days off for each employee, the time spent on each task, the number of days per client...

Do you know that you can save up to 10 templates in PlanningPME? Indeed, once your different templates created, you will just need to update them regularly selecting the dates in Pivot Table interface of PlanningPME.


Videos of our products

Do you want to have a quick view of our different solutions?

Then, just relax and click on the different links below to have a clear understanding of our different planning solutions:


Video 1: scheduling software PlanningPME
Video 2: add on for visualization PlanningPMEHTML
Video 3: online planning solution PlanningPME Web Access


Multibase Installation PlanningPME

  Multibase Installation PlanningPME

The installation of PlanningPME can be done on different databases such as MS Access, SQL Server, My-SQL, Oracle.
You can download the installation scripts from our website.



  Operating system : Microsoft® Windows® 98, Me, 2000, NT 4, XP, Vista
  Database : Access - SQL-Server - MySQL - Oracle
  Computer/Processor : Pentium 200 Mhz or superior version
  Memory : 32 Mo RAM
  Disk space : 10 Mo available for installation
  Installation : More information on planning installation