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Electronic signature now available on PlanningPME Web Access

Last feature of the application PlanningPME Web Access is now available !

Users can now have an electronic signature from customers or providers or even themselves for any event on their schedule. Sign in will help to justify an intervention, a training, an installation or a repair done.

This new feature of PlanningPME Web Access has been designed to meet the needs of companies that have employees performing interventions within their customers‘ site. It works on different terminals (PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet).

This is a feature directly customisable on the planning board, with the option of setting up signature rights by user.

You can also export information on electronic signatures by email or Excel Pivot Tables.

Discover on video how the electronic signature works :


For more information on the electronic signature in your schedule, visit our website;

Try this feature now on one of our different demonstrations available on our site !


For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

See you soon !



Start your planning demo

Are you looking for an easy to use and efficient planning tool to manage your business activity?

From now on, nothing is easier to check whether our tools can answer your needs, as you can test our planning examples directly on our website!

Indeed, planning examples are available and allow you to run a demonstration at any time and without any registration.

How does the demo work?

Just select the planning example you want to test (staff, technician, project management…) and the demo starts automatically, you have nothing to do! Then you can freely create events in the schedule and browse the menus to see the range of possibilities offered by PlanningPME. The online demo is shared with other users and data is erased every day. However, you can also ask for your dedicated access.

So just visit our website to check all of the available planning demo. It’s up to you!

And, to learn more about PlanningPME planning solutions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.


 See you soon!

Filter your planning data even more easily

Filter your planning data even more easily


Filters are essential in a efficient visual planning tool: to highlight jobs to be done, filters on departments, customers, type of job represent a key feature.

Today, filters have been greatly improve within PlanningPME. Selection is much easier including a search zone to find data rapidly. Selection removal can also be done via a just a click on a new red icon.


Watch this video to know more about filters:




Interested to know more?

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Target Skills rewards his 3500th client

After 12 years creation, Target Skills gets over 3500 clients!


Since many years the company Target Skills keeps growing developing and commercializing its tools for planning management and scheduling. Dedicated to a professional clientele of diversified business sectors, the products range PlanningPME is evolving to answer the best clients requirements.

Today Target Skills is proud to go over the stage of 3500 customers with the company REEL, an independent firm who builds, installs and maintains complex systems. This society was on the search for a planning tool allowing to manage intervention, presences, vacations or training too.

To celebrate this event, Target Skills has decided to congratulate his 3500th clients rewarding a 5 access to the mobile version of PlanningPME during one year. This application is now available on smartphones and tablets (compatible with android systems and IOS). It will allow client to get profit of a full mobility and unlimited access to the planning.

Would you like to integrate the users circle of PlanningPME?

Don’t hesitate to contact us or consult the testimonies of our clients to discover what are the daily uses of PlanningPME and how to optimize the personal management, appointments, vacations, projects and trainings etc.

See you soon !


The new version of PlanningPME is now available

Check the new features of PlanningPME version 4.3


The new demo version of PlanningPME is now available on our website. Don’t wait anymore to download the free demo version of our planning software.

Careful: if you are already a client don’t download this demo version.

Here is an overview of the last released features:

1/ Offline mode

This new feature allows you to keep on working on your planning in offline mode. Even if you are not connected to your enterprise network, you will be able to create/ modify tasks or unavailabilities on the planning. When you will reconnect to the network, task and unavailabilities will be synchronized an scheduling conflicts will be managed. This new feature requires the use of a SQL Server database.


2/ Dimensions

Thanks to dimensions, you can integrate into the planning all complementary data you need under a list format. For instance, you will be able to add the list of equipments of your company and assign it to an employee, to add a list of attendees to training or even to add detailed steps of a project.


To access on the complete list of the new features developed on PlanningPME,consult the page dedicated to the evolutions of planning.
Ask for an Audit regarding your requirements and let's improve your planning setting together to see how PlanningPME can answer your needs.


See you soon!

Annual Resellers meeting 2014

The traditional meeting dedicated to our international retailers PlanningPME took place on Thursday the 15th of May 2014.

This annual meeting is always a good opportunity to meet our distributors coming from different countries and share with them their experiences and knowledge regarding customers and support management.
We also discussed the Road Map for this year and all new features coming next week like the Offline Mode, the dimensions and expected features for our web based scheduler PlanningPME Web Access.

Thank you very much for your participation and contribution towards this annual meeting :

- Sascha Dengel from Dengel IT-Solutions, Germany

- Enrique Colomer from KONOGES, Spain

- Isabelle Bievelez, Philip Tondeleir and Niels Dewilde from bITss, Belgium

- Jerry Loos and David Van Oudhensden from PlanningPME Nederlands, The Netherlands

- Salim Guerraoui from CapOne, Morocco


Would you like to join our partners network?

Don’t hesitate to contact us per email for any information.

Employee scheduling software

Optimising employee scheduling


Employee time management scheduling includes various tasks from managing working time or time off to more specific data such as the number of hours spent by a customer, or assigning an employee to a worksite. Whether you need to manage an agenda for some of your human resources or for several services, it's important to get a clear overview of your business activity and individual workloads.

With PlanningPME you can get very detailed information that will help anticipate busy times or improve reactivity after last minute changes on a project or on an ongoing task. Moreover, planning networking allows you to notify planning changes to coworkers thanks to e-mailing or notifications.

Main features of our scheduling software include:

- Planning views: depending on your needs, you can display daily, weekly or monthly views of your planning

- Ressource availability: you want to assign a task to an employee? If the chosen ressource is not available at the chosen date, a message is displayed to help you avoid conflicts in planning

- Service management: manage the various services of your company (sales department, administrative service, technical department...) by defining access rights specific to each user or service (read only or provide changes to the planning)


Check our dedicated webpage to discover more functionalities of our employee scheduling software.

PlanningPME finally released on Android devices

In addition to Ipad and Iphone versions, your favorite scheduling mobile application is now available for Android tablets and mobiles.


This new version for tablets and smartphones makes it a snap to view and edit your schedule anytime from anywhere. All your appointments, projects, interventions are now stored in your phone.


Ideal for managers, technicians and sales professionals this version grants you an easy way to optimize business travel, update task status and benefit from electronic signature.



Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our user-friendly mobile schedule.

Your planning on your Android mobile

After our Ipad and Iphone mobile version, PlanningPME Mobile will soon be available on Android devices.

At any time, every day, get informed on real-time on your daily planning activities.

Our IT support Arnold is already using PlanningPME Mobile to schedule all his tasks and he will gladly answers all your questions by phone or email!


Licences management under Citrix or Terminal Server

PlanningPME is working on a Citrix or Terminal Server environment

How does the licensing work?

One licence = one user

The number of servers can not be higher than the number of licences.

Installation and registration of the servers

Once the installation completed, launch PlanningPME Server. You will need to register each server with the same procedure described below:

Go to the menu File -> Identification and enter your login and password.

Then, go to File -> Registration via Internet.

You will then have a message telling you that the licence is registered.

How do I register my users?

Each user must be registered. To register, the user just needs to accept the conditions of the licence contract when opening PlanningPME the first time:


If the user does not accept, the window will close and he will not be allowed to use the application. If the user accepts, his name will then be added on the list you can see from File -> Users management.

At the top of this window, you can check the number of licences you are allowed to use and the number of users already registered (In this example, 2/150).

User removal

If a user does not need his licence anymore, select the user that will not need to use PlanningPME, right clic and select “Delete”. You will need to be connected as a Admin on your Citrix or Terminal Server session to be allowed to remove a user.

Be careful, you will be authorized to delete only one licence at one time.

To delete the user, once confirmed by Target Skills, you will just need to go to the menu File -> Users management.

Once this step done, when a new user connects to PlanningPME, he will be asked to accept the conditions of use. 

Switch licences from Client version to Server version

Note that PlanningPME Server and PlanningPME desktop version are 2 different products. So, if you need to switch licences from one version to the other, you will need to purchase new licences.

Contact us

For any additional request, you can contact our support.

Latest version of PlanningPME Web Access

The latest version of PlanningPME Web Access will be available soon!

What is PlanningPME Web Access?

This is the internet version of our planning software. You will be able to display and edit your planning on any computer with an internet connexion.

This new release is even more user-friendly, more clear and ergonomic than the previous. The design has evolved to be the closest to the software version. There is also more functions available.

Stay connected to our blog, you will be informed on the release date for this important update. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone for more information. Our Team is always available for you.


Annual resellers meeting

On the 24th of May, Target Skills organised the 4th Edition of its annual resellers meeting .

This meeting allows our partners to share ideas and to get information on expected features and products.

We would like to thank all our partners:

- Isabelle Bievelez and Philip Tondeleir from bITss, Belgium

- Robby Govaerts from RAM Mobile Data, Belgium

- Jerry Loos and David Van Oudhensden from PlanningPME Nederland

- Bernard Emond and France Tremblay from Innovimage, Canada

- Sascha Dengel from Dengel-IT Solutions, Germany



Interested in joining our resellers network?

Send an e-mail and we will provide information on conditions to become a reseller.


Integrated solution with HR management and tracking softwares

PlanningPME, Track and Trace and HR management: All-in-one solution!


PlanningPME is now integrated within a all-in-one solution to also track time better (HR Management) and trace employees on the road (Track and Trace).


Track and Trace, PlanningPME and HR Management are 3 very close and complementary tools. Each software require, however, some very specific knowledge and skills.


Therefore, RAM Mobile Data (Track and Trace), bITss (distributor of PlanningPME in Belgium) and Dot Sys (HR Management) created a partnership in order to combine their different skills to have a powerful integrated solution.


Therefore, it is possible to optimise the planning measuring absences and presences, payroll and projects cost based on real hours.  


Interested in this integrated solution?


Join the seminar on the 23rd of April in Belgium from 1 pm to 5 pm or contact us.




Practical information:

Date: April 23, 2013 from 13h to 17h

Price: Free

Address: New Horizons, Puursesteenweg 390, 2880 Bornem